Thursday, April 21, 2016

I like making plans.  Planning my new routines, planning my garden, planning holiday meals, planning all the things I want to learn next year.

The people in my life can sometimes find this...  overwhelming.

When we realized that we were going to be shifting back to full-time homeschooling next year, I started bubbling over with extremely enthusiastic questions about what books/activities/field trips/videos she might be interested in exploring next year.   I very quickly realized I was going to have to keep a very tight rein on myself or I'd wind up seriously stressing Kiddo out.  Every time I wanted to make a new suggestion or ask a new question about next year, I'd write it down in my notebook, or email it to myself, or search for info online and bookmark it.   I asked the occasional question when possibilities popped up that she'd need to register for now, but after a few of those I let her know that I was doing my best not to overwhelm her with questions and asked her to let me know when she was ready to talk about next year.

It has been so hard.  I have been *so* good.   And today I was rewarded!

She bounded into the room, this afternoon, to tell me that she'd been reading one of her books on comic-creation and is feeling really excited about next year and is full of ideas about wanting to immerse herself in comic-creation, US politics, economics, Norwegian, and math (later on she added mythology and literature to the list).   I asked how I can best support her and she said she'll be looking for suggestions for great books on those subjects, and help not overscheduling herself.  Which means...  we get to start making plans!

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