Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hmm.  Let's try this again.  Last time I was here I was just taking my first steps out of a rough Autumn and into what turned out to be a not-much-easier Winter.  The Spring, though, has been much gentler and more energized.  Everything's feeling a little less weighed down and exhausting.

I'm decluttering this week, and was thinking about letting go of some of my online accounts.  I'm not quite ready to let go of this one, however.  (Especially since several folks have commented on how much they appreciate being able to stay connected via Facebook, which I'm seriously considering limiting my use of)  Instead I'm experimenting with different possibilities for how to use this.

What I'm doing this week:

Reading: comics, mostly.  Rereading Matt Fraction's Hawkeye run, reading all the Lumberjanes up to this point (with the exception of #10 which we put in an order for at the comic shop, this morning), rereading Secret Avengers.  Rereading _The Second Greatest Invention_.

Listening to: my roadtrip playlist.  Lots of AC/DC, George Thoroughgood, a bit of Indigo Girls.

Watching:  Joe and Sarah are introducing me to RWBY, which I'm thoroughly enjoying.  Also watching lots of Rosemary and Thyme.

Doing:  Decluttering.  The diningroom is nearly decluttered, for the first time in years.  Today we're letting go of the desktop that was the only Windows box in the house.  I used to watch Netflix on it (when that was only possible via Windows or Mac) and IM with friends late at night and occasionally save homeschool curricula or unit studies or educational games, but I haven't used it for anything but itunes in years (it's the only thing in the house that plays CDs).  The room isn't the prettiest thing, but it feels indescribably good to have so much free space.

Eating/Cooking:  Blackbean meatballs over spaghetti and herbed focaccia.  Last week we triangulated in toward a pretty decent baked pakora.

Something that went particularly well this week:  Having finished processing and decluttering 5 years worth of old papers.

Something I struggled with: how to hear and process some not-so-constructive criticism at work.  Sticking to my exercise plan (I got in 3 solid days, and then skipped 4 in a row onaccounta exhaustion, minor congestion, busyness).  Sticking to only one thing for this category.  :)

Something I'm looking forward to: our comic book party next week; planting seeds; continuing with the decluttering