Thursday, December 12, 2013


Sarah and I are talking about doing school 3 days a week, next session (so, a 6 or 7 week commitment, starting the week after we get back from winter break). In order to make that work, the whole household needs to get serious about sticking to our routines. Especially the Sunday cooking and the bedtime routines. I also need to get serious about sticking to my anti-inflammatory eating style -- the hip/back is continuing to get better, but I'm just not feeling great and I think it's mostly about how I'm eating and how I'm (not) sleeping.

I've been using Remember The Milk for my GTD task list, and it's going really well. I'm using High Score House to give myself gold stars for finishing my regular daily tasks, and that's going really, really well. I love giving myself gold stars. :)

Trying to stick to our evening routines and the healthy eating plan, however...

Tonight we had a nice family time, setting up our character sheets for the next RPG we're going to be playing together, but I had neither the supplies nor the gumption to set up our 5:30 snack, we started our family time late, dinner prep took longer than it should have because of... reasons... and everything I made was just a little wrong -- the rice was undercooked (no idea why -- I did the exact same thing I always do), the lentils were a little undercooked (ditto), the stringbeans were a little unevenly cooked... Seriously, I have no idea. The rice gods did not smile on me tonight. So dinner was... eh. Makes it hard to stick to healthy eating when it's not satisfying. And now it's almost ten, and we're going to have to choose between my retreat time and our post-dinner tidying & our GTD time. Well, or getting to bed on time. Still, I exercised today (still quite rare, since I hurt my hip/back, so getting it done is a big deal), and got a lot of stuff done for work (made a scary phone call and did some research I've been putting off), and remembered to set my mindfulness bell to stand up and move around a bit every 20 minutes. Overall, not a bad day.