Sunday, June 21, 2015

What I'm doing this week:

Reading: Borrowing Sarah's copy of George O'Connor's _Zeus_

Listening to: Halestorm:

Watching:  Lots and lots of comfort food -- Twister, Ghost Protocol, old seasons of Top Chef Masters

Doing:  Sinking into summer vacation and filling in our summer schedule.  Having friends over for board games and pizza.  Tonight we had a potluck dinner with friends and then saw "Love's Labours Lost" at the outdoor stage of the NJ.  

Eating/Cooking:  Really good mediterranean chickpea salad.  Lots of chopped salad.

Something that went particularly well this week: staff wrap up -- we had 3 really productive days, and I feel good about our plan for handling the summer and next year.

Something that went less well: no hot water, no internect connection for most of the week.   

Something I'm grateful for: Sarah's utterly sweet, lovely friends.

Something I'm thinking about: getting off FB.  Or, at least, finding other ways to stay connected with folks online, to be less dependent on FB for that connection.

Something I'm looking forward to: seeing family and celebrating a wedding!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What I'm doing this week:

Reading: I'm between books, for once -- I've got a bunch on my TBR pile but nothing has jumped out at me to pick up, so I'm waiting

Listening to: Jim Croce

Watching: The Weekenders! (we picked up the entire series, last week, after stumbling across the info that Disney had *finally* made it available on DVD. It was one of our favorite cartoons for years, one we regularly quote) 

Doing: Doing staff wrap up for this past school year. Going to Sarah's annual art show. A dear friend's 40th birthday. Going to the North Jersey Pride Dance. Catching up on sleep.

Eating/Cooking: Lots and lots of chopped salad. This heat and humidity do not invite much time spent in the kitchen.

Something that went particularly well this week: A phenomenal conversation with an insightful Life Coach and my co-workers.

Something I struggled with: water heater still isn't working. It's a real pain in the ass.

Something I'm looking forward to: Having nowhere to go on Friday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What I'm doing this week:

Reading: Rat Queens (a fun, feminist dungeon-crawl-themed comic)

Listening to: my "Copacabana" station on Pandora

Watching:  Going back through early seasons of Top Chef and Top Chef Masters on Hulu

Doing: Finishing up the school year with 2 weeks of End of Year Awesomeness -- a contraptions day, an afternoon feast (cheese tasting and make your own nachos), a field trip to the lake, a glee club concert, an end of year party complete with loads of messy outdoor play (elephant toothpaste, face painting, tie dye, foaming dough, oobleck, water pistols).  And now, in this moment, transitioning into summer vacation.  *aaaahhhhh*

Eating/Cooking: An afternoon tea party for Sarah's family birthday party -- botterhammen (just a fancy word for open faced sandwiches) with hummus, egg salad, cream cheese, and soy-onion-lentil pate as the choices for sandwich spread and loads of accessories (tomato, cucumber, scallions, radishes, arugula, olives, avocado, pickles), vanilla cake, scones, pastry cream, caramel sauce.  We've still never gotten around to lemon curd.  

Something that went particularly well this week:  Glee Club concert.  We rocked.  We sang Me and Bobby McGee, Thinking Outloud, and Take Me To Church.

Something I struggled with: I wasn't nearly as organized as I'd wanted to be, for the messy outdoor play and the rest of the End of Year Celebration.  Or for Sarah's birthday tea party.  Also, my water heater stopped working, which has been making cleaning up at home much more complicated.  I feel like a prairie denizen, heating water on the stove in order to do the dishes.  Not a great combination with the tea party.  

Something I'm looking forward to: Summer Vacation!