Sunday, October 12, 2014

I'm engaging in lots of avoidant behavior, recently. Having trouble writing back to all the folks who very kindly, sweetly expressed their sympathies about Grandpa, because... I guess it's just too hard to sit with the thoughts long enough to write something, so I just keep putting it off. Watching a lot of TV. Eating a lot of carbs (potatoes and rice, mostly -- I'm not that big a fan of sweet stuff -- but today we're having a Fry Day, complete with donuts and apple fritters). Wishing that I had the same sort of cozy online community I used to, in pre-FB days (some mailing lists, some earlier blogs).  It seems when I come here, half the time there's a problem with the system so it can't show me the journals I've subscribed to.  I'm not sure how to recreate that coziness.

The home improvement project is proceeding slowly but steadily. We have a work day planned on Saturday (Linda and Joe are really awesomely organizing it for my birthday), so we're working on prep for that today (and, really, all this week). The first step has been getting things back to civilized in general, in the house. I hear that it's pretty normal for housekeeping to fall by the wayside during grief, so I'm not beating myself up about it, but I'm very happy to be getting things back to civilized. We picked up supplies at Home Depot, yesterday, and today we're deep-cleaning the kitchen, doing some yard work, and doing a solid block of decluttering.