Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekly (?) Check-in

I've seen this pop up on a variety of homeschool blogs, and I always enjoy reading the answers. So:
In my life this week:
I have no idea what I did on Monday... Oh! In the mail I got the awesome seeds I won in Mid-Atlantic Gardening's giveaway, we went to a young friend's birthday party, and I fell in a pool! It was a hard day. It gave me the opportunity to reach out to friends I don't usually think to reach out to, though, and it provided some painful lessons and opportunities to practice breathing and staying present with love.
On Tuesday I went to a political meeting, talking about the proposed homeschool legislation, and then left to spend the rest of the week in the North Country with my parents. Got to know their area a little better, explored some of the cold weather activities, did a little shopping. Picked up an odd little wooden box in an antique store, meant for playing cards. We gave it to Joe for his Pokemon deck. :)

In our homeschool this week:
We played school at my parents' a couple mornings, this week -- mostly doing spelling, Spanish, and math, all the stuff where each activity or chapter really builds on the one before. We're still enjoying Coffee Break Espanol, but I think we're going to be moving to something more sophisticated, soon. We also read the first chapter of _When The Beginning Began_, a gorgeous, dreamy, funny collection of stories based on the book of Genesis.

Sarah went to art class, which she's been loving, and made a very geometric sculpture using foam board and some colored paper. The teacher said it made her feel tense, because it was balanced on its very edge. It made me feel that deep satisfaction that comes when you're working on a puzzle and you've just realized you know exactly how to solve it. Makes me think of the sort of sculpture you might find on the campus of an engineering college.

I love watching her blossom in this class, watching her enthusiasm and pride.

Questions/thoughts I have:
What are we going to do this Spring? What are we going to do next year? What are we going to do when Sarah's in High School?

Sarah and I decided to sync up science with the other stuff we're reading, so this week we're starting the history of the ancient world, the history of math, the history of science, and reading a whole bunch of creation stories. That, plus planning for her next pop-up restaurant.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing:
This past week we mostly saw my parents, plus a little time with our FA friends. Tomorrow we're going to a party for a very young friend.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share:

What does it have to do with homeschooling? I haven't figured that out yet...